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Press Releases

Alltech announces structural refresh of its U.S. marketing team

April 18, 2024

Alltech is pleased to announce a new marketing structure designed to better serve both the company’s customers and the needs of its internal teams.

New meta-analysis results show inclusion of yeast cell wall extract during mycotoxin challenges benefits…

April 15, 2024

Findings also show that mycotoxins may negatively impact the body weight, egg production and egg weight of laying hens.  

2024 Agri-Food Outlook

2024 Alltech Agri-Food Outlook shares global feed production survey data and influential trends in agricultur…

April 02, 2024

*The 2023 numbers were adjusted on April 15, 2024  World feed production remains steady, with a slight decrease of 0.01%* to 1.29 billion metric tons Lower demand attributed in part to more efficient use of feed