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The ultimate checklist for rebuilding a prime swine facility

The ultimate checklist for rebuilding a prime swine facility

Are you looking to rebuild or remodel your swine production facility? The prospect of taking on the rigorous endeavor can be daunting. Russell Gilliam, Alltech's U.S.

Weaning strategies for pig performance

Piglets should be weaned at an appropriate age and body weight to ensure that they continue their desired growth curve.

ACE-ing sustainability: Part II, "A" is for animal

ACE-ing sustainability: Part II, "A" is for animal

A 20th century vision that was ahead of its time remains so today, some 30 years after its conception: The Alltech ACE principle is a corporate “North Star,” serving as a guide to a more sustainabl

Pig-ease: Using environmental control to help pigs adapt and grow

Environmental control in pig housing is important for animal growth and health.

What are they thinking?

Documenting trends is the closest thing in business to peering into a crystal ball.

How pet-friendly is that superfood?

Everything in moderation is healthy. Although this is often used in the context of human nutrition, I think it may be relevant for pets as we see novel ingredients and new superfoods comin

Nutrition for better consumer perception of meat quality

Visual appearance, palatability and consistency all factor into the consumer’s meat buying process.

Farming the Future

What does the future hold for farming and the entire food supply chain?

How to prepare for FSMA implementation in the U.S.

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) helps ensure food safety by focusing on preventing contamination rather than simply responding to it.

Futuristic Fido: Tech that's reinventing the pet world

The first animals to be domesticated by humans were wolves, although the jury is still out on when exactly this occurred.