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Alltech and poultry layer Tumen Shuvuut collaborate to enrich eggs to offset selenium deficiency in Mongolia

Tumen Shuvuut brings the first selenium-enriched eggs to market in Mongolia. The company is using Alltech’s organic Sel-Plex®.
[ULAANBAATAR, Mongolia] – Tumen Shuvuut, one of the two largest layer companies in Mongolia, will begin marketing selenium-enriched eggs made with Sel-Plex® organic selenium to Mongolian consumers nationwide. In a joint press conference with the Public Health Institute of Mongolia held on Nov. 22 in Ulaanbaatar, Tumen Shuvuut said the company is launching its selenium egg to help alleviate a persistent selenium deficiency in the Mongolian diet, which was identified in a recent study by the country’s Ministry of Health.

First KEENAN and Storti collaboration is unveiled at Agromek

KEENAN and Storti teams celebrate the first of many exciting collaborative projects they will work on together. Pictured at the launch of the KEENAN VA2-18 is Paolo Saggiorato, general manager Storti, Robert Walker, CEO of KEENAN, Francesca Storti, president and owner of Storti, Matt Higgins, commercial director of KEENAN and Andrea Freddoni, global sales manager, Storti.
[BORRIS, Ireland] – Irish and Italian agricultural manufacturing firms KEENAN and Storti recently announced a wide-ranging collaboration. The first in an exciting array of developmental and engineering projects between the two machinery giants was revealed today at Agromek, Northern Europe’s largest agricultural fair. Together, the two companies have built a range of twin- and triple-auger KEENAN vertical feeders. Long synonymous with the paddle feeder, KEENAN sees the introduction of a vertical offering to their range as a major development.

Central Institute of Fisheries Education wins first prize at Alltech Innovation Competition, India

The Central Institute of Fisheries Education team won first place at the second annual Alltech Innovation Competition held in Bangalore, India. They were awarded for their innovative project to make aquaculture, especially shrimp farming, cleaner and greener.
[BENGALURU, India] – Global animal health and nutrition company Alltech is delighted to announce the 2016 winner of the Alltech Innovation Competition, India, hosted in Bengaluru. The competition celebrates business and entrepreneurship and challenges the creative minds of university students. Central Institute of Fisheries Education students Santhana Kumar V and Jerusha S. were awarded the first prize of Rs.

The Italian Connection: A new era for KEENAN as they announce their intention to collaborate with Italian company Storti

KEENAN and Storti, two greats in the agricultural machinery world, propose wide-ranging collaboration to facilitate innovation and efficiency. KEENAN is currently exhibiting at EuroTier alongside their parent company Alltech on stand G29 in hall 21.
[BORRIS, Ireland] – KEENAN CEO Robert Walker spent eight years in Italy as regional director with Alltech. During this time, he became acquainted with Storti, a producer of total mixed ration diet feeders since 1956, located near Verona in northeast Italy. In April of this year, Walker became CEO of KEENAN, and immediately the synergies between the two companies became apparent to him. Collaboration talks between the two companies, has begun, and their teams are excited about the many opportunities.

Alltech’s primacy in science on show at EuroTier 2016

Alltech will showcase its latest research and innovative technologies to help farmers become more profitable at EuroTier, stand G29 in hall 21, held Nov. 15–18, 2016, in Hanover, Germany.
[DUNBOYNE, Ireland] – With feed costs often accounting for up to 70 percent of production costs on-farm, it is essential to ensure farmers are getting the most from their feed. But what else can farmers do to ensure their farms become more efficient and profitable? Global animal nutrition company Alltech will showcase its latest research and innovative technologies to help farmers become more profitable at EuroTier, held Nov. 15–18, 2016, in Hanover, Germany (stand G29, hall 21).