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Alltech Young Scientist kicks off 10th year of competition

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[LEXINGTON, Ky.] – The search is on for the next young scientist. Alltech has officially opened 2015-2016 registration for the largest global university-level competition that rewards scientific innovation and experimental research in agri-science. This year marks a decade for the Alltech Young Scientist program, which saw more than 8,800 students register for the 2014-2015 term.

Hector rolls out the barrel for the third Alltech Craft Brews & Food Fair in Dublin

Broadcaster Hector Ó hEochagáin and entertainer Jerry Fish, with Jack Marks and James Doherty from the Booka Brass Band, today announced the lineup for the third Alltech Craft Brews & Food Fair, which takes place in the Convention Centre Dublin from Friday, Feb. 27 – Sunday, March 1, 2015.
[DUBLIN] – Broadcaster Hector Ó hEochagáin today announced the line-up for Ireland’s largest craft beer festival, the third annual Alltech Craft Brews & Food Fair on Friday, Feb. 27 – Sunday, March 1, 2015 in the Convention Centre Dublin.

Alltech IPPE breakfast: Feed flock today to benefit human health tomorrow

Registered dietitian and human nutritionist Nikki Putnam encouraged poultry industry members to keep the consumers’ health and wellness in mind when selling and marketing meat and eggs during her presentation at Alltech’s Annual Breakfast Meeting during IPPE.
[ATLANTA] – What if you could produce high quality, safe and delicious eggs and meat that also happen to be nutrient powerhouses for consumers?  What if your premium eggs and meat tasted better than your competitors? What if your eggs and meat could assist in the learning ability of children, reduce cardiovascular disease and slow age-related mental decline?

Alltech Feed Survey reports steady increase in 2014 global production; industry edges closer to 1 billion ton mark

[LEXINGTON, Ky.] – Around the world, feed producers responded to consumer demands for more protein by increasing the number of mills that produce animal feed and the amount of product they generate.  The 2015 Survey released today by Alltech revealed an estimated total of 980 million metric tons of feed produced globally, an increase of about 2 percent over the prior year.

Gut Health Management Begins with Good Bacteria at Hatchery

Press Releases
[ATLANTA] – Good or bad, bacteria are always present in the gastrointestinal tract of the bird. Some microorganisms can lead to disease, leaving poultry integrators with high treatment costs and losses in production; while other bacterial communities can be beneficial, colonizing the gut at the expense of pathogenic organisms. When it comes to a healthy flock, it’s the good bacteria and gut health that can make or break a successful poultry operation.