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KEENAN establishes strong support presence in the Midwest

August 10, 2017

KEENAN is establishing a stronger presence in the Midwest with the formation of a new service outlet network.

New service outlet network underlines KEENAN’s commitment to farmers “Never Missing a Feed”

[LEXINGTON, Ky.] – Noted Irish diet feeder manufacturer KEENAN has been building an impressive presence in North America since it was acquired by global nutrition company Alltech in spring 2016. With a new dealer and service network that includes four retail operations throughout Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin, Nebraska and South Dakota, its support of U.S. farmers is gaining further strength.

Unique in the rumen friendly mix it produces, KEENAN machines have helped farmers around the globe achieve consistent performance. KEENAN provides technology to increase on-farm productivity and maximize feed efficiency, with global results showing an average increase of 200 grams per head per day in beef live weight gain and a 16 percent increase in milk production, all achieved with less feed.

In addition to the performance benefits of KEENAN feeders, the machines have long been a popular choice with farmers due to their reliability, durability and ease of maintenance.

Working with technology leader Intel, KEENAN has also developed a smart, connected and secure technology called InTouch. Data is fed back from the farm wirelessly to an expert team of nutritionists who can monitor feed efficiency parameters and adjust diets in real time.

“At KEENAN, we endeavor to ensure that our customers ‘Never Miss a Feed,’ and this promise is proven daily on farms throughout the U.S.,” said Dan Gard, KEENAN North America sales manager. “These machines are providing excellent levels of service while producing a consistent ration to maximize livestock performance.”

KEENAN’s new dealer and service network will help to ensure that farmers working with KEENAN have the highest level of access to support, service and the dedicated expertise of the KEENAN team.

Our new retailers have been chosen for their excellence, their understanding of what sets KEENAN apart and a strong commitment to bringing the performance benefits and reliability of the KEENAN system to farmers in Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin and into Nebraska and South Dakota,” said Gard.

J. P. Scherrman, Inc., Nelson Farm Supply, Post Equipment and Terra Products Co. are now positioned to support farmers in the Midwest.

Approved KEENAN service outlets:


Covering Northeastern Iowa, Northwestern Illinois, Southwestern Wisconsin and Southeastern Minnesota

Tel: 1-800-373-0625


1350 1st Avenue NW

Farley, IA 52046


Covering Southwestern Iowa

Tel: 1-800-772-6184 or 1-712-755-3115


1410 Hwy 44 East

Harlan, IA 51537


Covering Northwestern Iowa, Northeastern Nebraska, Eastern South Dakota and Southwestern Minnesota

Tel: 1-712-476-4500


2553 320th Street

Rock Valley, IA 51247


Covering Southeastern Iowa, Northern Missouri and West Central Illinois

Tel: 1-319-723-4234


340 Main Street

Nichols, IA 52766