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At Alltech®, animal nutrition isn’t just our job — it’s our passion. As a team of experienced equestrians, we understand the unique bond between horses and their humans. You’re not just feeding an animal — you’re feeding your best friend. That’s why we’re proud to be hard at work on releasing a new line of advanced nutritional supplements designed with your horse’s wellness in mind. 

Lifeforce™ was developed through decades of research on nutrition’s impact on genetic potential to include the ideal blend of ingredients for optimal health and performance. This unique approach has led to the development of highly effective products that are pure, perfectly modulated and 100% digestible. 

While the science is advanced, our philosophy is simple — we believe wellness begins from within.

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Our supplements are formulated to maximize horse health and performance with less impact on the land we share. From production to packaging, we are taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint, including utilizing 50% recycled materials. Join us in Working Together for a Planet of Plenty™.


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