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On-Farm Support | Ulises Salas

What's Alltech Dairy On-Farm Support?

The Alltech On-Farm Support Program and our team of Elite Dairy Advisors serve as a tool for nutritionists, producers and laborers. We know you work hard and your time is valuable. Specializing in Herd Analytics, Forage Quality, Cow Comfort, and Talent Development we work with you to troubleshoot problems, set customized goals and help lay a foundation for your dairy to save time and money.

Alltech Cow Comfort On Farm Dairy Support

Ulises' Areas of Expertise:

  • Maternity pen care and calving support
  • Calf management and nutrition
  • Assessment of parlor routine and efficiency
  • Bilingual employee training and support
  • Works with you to troubleshoot so you can achieve individual farm objectives
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Ulises' Bio:

Ulises Salas-Vega joined Alltech in January 2015, and his role focuses on hosting bilingual training and educational dairy workshops for dairy employees.

Originally from Costa Rica, he moved to the United States to continue his education after receiving his bachelor’s degree in agriculture engineering. He sought to invest in the dairy business, and after working with Hilmar Cheese Company, he started his own Jersey dairy in South Dakota. While running his operation, he prided himself on the relationships he made with employees to better enhance employee knowledge and training, which ultimately led to increased production and overall efficiency.


Alltech Dairy On-Farm Support Can Help You

Through a combination of the latest technology and industry leading Elite Dairy Advisory team, the Alltech On-Farm Support program focus includes Forage QualityCow ComfortHerd Analytics and Talent Development.

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