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Alltech Dairy On-Farm Support

Talent Development


Talent Development

Our advisors understand that running a successful dairy operation is a team effort, and we want to help dairies capitalize on the talent of their team. Through our Talent Development programs, our team of advisors can offer classroom-style, bilingual training on topics such as udder anatomy, mastitis and parlor procedures. Communication is key for any successful business, and we want to help you establish and maintain the communication necessary to make your operation successful.

Dairy On-Farm Talent Development Videos

Watch Alltech's Jorge Delgado demonstrate a proper milking routine and 4 steps to collecting good quality colostrum for dairy calves. Presented in Spanish.

Best Practices in the Milking Parlor
(in Spanish)

4 Steps to Collecting Good Quality Colostrum for Dairy Calves
(in Spanish)

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