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John Cooper

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John Cooper

Poultry Technical Manager

John Cooper is the poultry technical manager for Alltech in Ireland and the U.K. Since joining Alltech in 2013, his main focus has been helping producers improve their poultry health and performance and their business profitability while also minimizing their antibiotic usage.

Over a career spanning more than 26 years, Cooper has worked in many areas of the poultry sector, starting in practical roles on rearing and breeding units and progressing to farm management and, eventually, to senior roles in hatcheries, poultry chick sales and broilers.

Utilizing his experience, knowledge and understanding of the industry, in his current role, Cooper works with the supply chain to deliver supportive solutions for producers. His core mission within this role has been the development and delivery of the Alltech Antibiotic Reduction Programme, which tackles antimicrobial resistance through advanced nutritional technologies that have been proven to support gut health and immune status.

Along with his other responsibilities, Cooper plays a key role in research and development at Alltech, utilizing his extensive knowledge of and experience in all tiers of the supply chain to help develop and research new solutions and provide valuable information to others throughout the industry.