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Dr. Andréia Bianchini

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Dr. Andréia Bianchini

Associate Professor, Department of Food Science and Technology at The University of Nebraska

Dr. Andréia Bianchini is an associate professor at the department of food science and technology at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. She also works closely with the Food Processing Center at UNL. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in food engineering and a Master of Science degree in environmental and agricultural microbiology, both from Brazil. Her Ph.D. degree is in food science and technology from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. Her research area of interest includes processing for food quality, safety and security. Recently, her research group has focused on improving the safety of grain and grain-based products throughout their production and processing chains. She has 25 peer review publications and has contributed eight book chapters to several reference and textbooks. At AACC International she has been a member of several technical committees and has chaired the Food Safety and Microbiology Technical Committee since 2015. You may contact Andréia at