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Ridley Block Operations


What is Ridley Block Operations?

Ridley Block Operations manufactures and markets block supplements, loose minerals and dried molasses. Products are sold under highly recognized proprietary brand names, including CRYSTALYX®, CRYSTALBLOX™, SWEETLIX®, ULTRALYX® and STOCKADE®, in addition to a several controlled and private label products.

Blocks utilize a variety of liquid and dry ingredients combined with unique manufacturing processes that produce self-fed block supplements to the marketplace. RBO is the largest manufacturer of block forms and recognized as the industry leader in block supplements.

Since 2000, RBO has added four additional block forms to the original low moisture block product line, including pressed, poured, compressed, and most recently CLMB – a patented hybrid form combining compressed block and low moisture block. We are the only company able to provide our customers all five block forms from a seven-plant manufacturing system spanning North America.

RBO products are sold through a variety of distribution channels, including feed companies, distributors, rural mass merchandisers, in addition to our associate companies Hubbard Feeds and Masterfeeds LP.

Plant Locations

  • Buffalo, Texas
  • Fort Worth, Texas
  • Montgomery, Alabama
  • Pittsburg, Kansas
  • Flemingsburg, Kentucky
  • Whitewood, South Dakota
  • Worthington, Minnesota
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