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Alltech Wisconsin announces dairy farm Most Valuable Employee Award winner

December 5, 2023

Jorge Delgado (right) of Alltech and Collin Weltzien (left) of Weltzien Farms honored Carlos Galvan (middle) with the 2023 Most Valuable Employee (MVE) Award.

Carlos Galvan of Weltzien Farms in Arcadia, Wisconsin, is this year’s award recipient

[JUNEAU, Wis.] – Alltech Wisconsin is pleased to present the 2023 Most Valuable Employee (MVE) Award to Carlos Galvan of Weltzien Farms in Arcadia, Wisconsin. This award recognizes the value of a dairy farm employee with an exceptional work ethic who exhibits integrity and who engages in their responsibilities on a dairy farm in the region, which includes Wisconsin, Minnesota and northern Illinois. Nominations are made by a farm manager, dairy owner, farm consultant or nutritionist based on qualities such as perseverance, honesty and integrity. The finalists were honored during the annual Alltech Dairy School on Thursday, Nov. 30, in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

“Alltech is proud to honor Carlos as this year’s Most Valuable Employee Award winner for his hard work and dedication to Weltzien Farms for the past 17 years,” said Jorge Delgado, manager of the Alltech Training, Talent Development and Retention Program for Dairy Workers (Alltech T²R Program). “This award is designed to recognize the people behind the cows and their exceptional work ethic and integrity, and Carlos is most deserving of this honor.”


Carlos was nominated by his employer, Collin Weltzien of Weltzien Farms, and has been working on the Weltziens’ family farm for 17 years. He joined the operation as a milker when they made the shift to milking 180 cows three times per day. Carlos still milks the morning shift, and his role has evolved to that of a “jack of all trades,” as he handles many tasks on the farm.


“I cherish the opportunity to work alongside Carlos every day, and it’s because of the quality employee that Carlos is. Our family can go to bed every night with peace of mind knowing that our cows, land and machinery are being treated in the best manner possible,” Collin said. “Thank you for this opportunity to recognize the most important asset on a dairy farm, its people. Nobody deserves it more than Carlos.”


Collin shared in his nomination that Carlos is a dedicated employee and is always in the parlor ready to work when he arrives in the morning. Collin said he is in awe of how fast Carlos can milk cows, and even more impressed with his attention to cleanliness and detail. Carlos follows fresh cow and mastitis protocols and has a keen sense for detecting sick cows and cows in heat. Collin also recognized that Carlos is an expert with the parlor equipment and often manages the cleaning, repair and maintenance projects.  


Carlos’ expertise can also be found outside the parlor. He commonly mixes feed, helps to feed calves, and helps with field work wherever needed, from hauling manure to raking hay, hauling silage, and even running the chopper from time to time. Carlos is also very skilled in the shop. He services most of the tractors and implements and will perform repairs on tractors and machinery, in the freestall barn and in the feed room. Simply put, Carlos can do it all.


The other finalists honored during the Alltech Dairy School included Autumn Wozny from UW– Platteville Pioneer Farm and Pete Poet from Abts Champion Dairy.


“The best employees add value to the dairy by thriving in their roles, maintaining their responsibilities, creating a safe and positive work environment for their coworkers, and speaking highly of their employers, both on and off the farm,” Delgado said. “When dairy farms and their employees develop long-term relationships and celebrate each other’s hard work, everyone involved reaps valuable benefits.”

For more information about the Alltech Wisconsin MVE award, visit this link or contact