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Alltech Serdán receives Distinctive ESR® 2018 recognition for 25 years of social responsibility

September 30, 2018
The Alltech facility in Ciudad Serdán, Puebla, México. ​​

The Alltech facility in Ciudad Serdán, Puebla, México.

[SERDÁN, México] – Alltech Serdán has been honored with the Distinctive ESR® (Socially Responsible Company) 2018 designation for its voluntary commitment to implementing socially responsible management practices. The designation recognizes Alltech Serdán’s years of involvement in multiple community projects, including El Cerrito primary school, La Familia Home and the Multiple Adaptation Center, which serves children with different abilities. These community activities are performed in addition to the plant’s constant application of responsible business practices with suppliers, collaborators and customers.

Alltech understands that sustainability in production is a social and environmental commitment. Despite having no legal obligation to reforest, Alltech is committed to replanting 10 yucca plants for each ton of raw material processed.

“This practice ensures the availability of raw material in the future, promotes ecological balance and generates a sense of sustainability in the community in which it operates,” said Alberto Sánchez, production manager for yucca plants. “Alltech Serdán maintains 150,000 plants exclusively for reforestation.”

With offices in over 128 countries, Alltech’s global activities are guided by its ACE principle, which encompasses the company’s commitment to generating a positive impact on the Animal, the Consumer and the Environment.

“The Serdán plant is a brilliant example of Alltech’s ACE principle,” said Sánchez.

With a team of more than 200 people — including several employees who have been at Alltech for 25 years — Alltech Serdán generates both direct and indirect benefits for the more than 4,000 residents of the local community and surroundings.

"It gives me great pleasure to see companies like Alltech prove that it is possible to do business in such a way that everyone wins,” said Josefina García, administrative manager of Alltech Serdán. “I feel inspired by my work, knowing that I belong to a company that makes a difference."

The ESR distinction bestowed upon Alltech Serdán began in 2000 with the objective of promoting corporate social responsibility in Mexico through the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI), which is disseminated through allied agencies throughout the subcontinent.

The distinction provides extra motivation for the team — which celebrates 25 years of operation in 2018 — to be even more focused on working actively within the community and to maintain its corporate social responsibilities every day.




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Image caption: The Alltech facility in Ciudad Serdán, Puebla, México.



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About Alltech:

Founded in 1980 by Irish entrepreneur and scientist Dr. Pearse Lyons, Alltech discovers and delivers solutions for the sustainable nutrition of plants, animals and people. With expertise in yeast fermentation, solid state fermentation and the science of nutrigenomics, Alltech is a leading producer and processor of yeast additives, organic trace minerals, feed ingredients, premix and feed.

Our guiding ACE principle seeks to develop solutions that are safe for the Animal, Consumer and the Environment. Our more than 6,000 talented team members worldwide put this purpose to work every day for our customers.

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