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Alltech Crop Science expands product line in Canada

July 12, 2018
CAN Wheat Field

Three new Alltech Crop Science products have been registered for use in Canada

[GUELPH, Canada] – Alltech Crop Science, the agronomic division of Alltech, is proud to announce the addition of three new products to its Canadian line. Natures Basics®, Liqui-Plex® Cu and Liqui-Plex® Zn join the company’s other offerings, which include Crop-Set®, Soil-Set®, Grain-Set® and Agro-Mos®.

“We are excited to offer producers new micronutrient options that are formulated and differentiated with Alltech technology,” said Jeff Crampton, Alltech Crop Science Canadian sales manager, noting that the micronutrient fertilizers are based on Alltech’s expertise in amino acid and fermentation technology.

“Our Liqui-Plex® line has the added benefit of being able to be applied with both dry and liquid fertilizers,” continued Crampton, explaining that the versatility of the products can improve growers’ existing management practices.

“This addition complements our current product portfolio and provides more solutions for farmers facing nutrient deficiencies,” said Dr. Steven Borst, Alltech Crop Science general manager.

Borst also noted that providing the right nutrients at the right time can help plants deal more efficiently with environmental and other stressors, as well as improve plant health.

“Nutrient deficiency can affect the plant at various stages of growth, from seed through fruit set and beyond, lowering yield and marketability,” said Borst. “With the expansion of our North American portfolio, growers have increased options for responding to their crop’s needs.”

The updated Canadian product line is already available. For more information, contact your local Alltech Crop Science representative, email us at or visit