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Alltech continues partnership of mentorship program for women in food and agriculture

February 29, 2024

Alltech is proud to continue to partner with the Women in Food & Agriculture (WFA) Mentorship Program.

Alltech is proud to continue to partner with the Women in Food & Agriculture (WFA) Mentorship Program.  Applications are now open for new mentors of any gender and for female mentees from across the global food and agriculture sector. Now in its fourth year, the free-to-join program is dedicated to supporting women across the global food and agriculture sector by providing invaluable mentorship opportunities and has proven to be a beacon of support for women seeking guidance, advice and networking opportunities in their careers.


Findings from the WFA survey and ongoing feedback from all levels of the food and agriculture sector consistently suggest that a hurdle to greater success for women in the global agri-food industry is a lack of mentorship opportunities. To tackle this issue, WFA launched its Mentorship Program.


WFA matches applicants based on their preferences, which can include gender of mentor, areas of expertise, language and industry sector, and offers opportunities for women in food and agriculture to develop meaningful industry connections. Since the inception of the program, WFA has received an overwhelming response, with 3,051 applications from individuals seeking mentorship and 1,691 industry professionals offering their mentorship services. This remarkable level of engagement underscores the program's significance in addressing the need for mentorship opportunities within the food and agriculture sector.


To date, the program has facilitated over 562 pairings, connecting mentees with experienced mentors who provide invaluable insights and support. These pairings have spanned various roles and sectors within the industry, ranging from CEOs of agribusinesses to small-scale farmers, academics, and ag-tech professionals.


“Our partnership with the Women in Food & Agriculture mentorship program is an investment not only in the lives of women, but in the future of agriculture as the industry most integral to the nourishment and vitality of our planet,” said Dr. Mark Lyons, president and CEO of Alltech.


Elisabeth Mork-Eidem, global chair of WFA, expressed her enthusiasm for the program's continued success, stating, "We are delighted to see the overwhelming response to the WFA Mentorship Program, which underscores the importance of mentorship in empowering women in the food and agriculture industry. With Alltech's ongoing support, we are confident that the program will continue to make a positive impact, fostering diversity and inclusion across the sector."


Orla McAleer, chief culture officer at Alltech, reiterated the company's commitment to the program, stating, “I am excited to reaffirm our support and sponsorship of the WFA Mentorship Program in 2024. We believe in championing the advancement of women in this vital sector and helping to cultivate a more vibrant, equitable and diverse agricultural community. As a mentor and advisor to the program, I understand the value and impact the mentorship connection brings to everyone involved."


Alltech believes that inclusion cultivates creativity, drives innovation and is essential to the company’s purpose of Working Together for a Planet of PlentyTM. In 2019, Alltech selected Gender Equality as one of the nine United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to which the company committed to advancing.


Applications are now open for the 2024 WFA Mentorship Program, supported by Alltech, to individuals seeking mentorship as well as industry professionals interested in offering their mentorship services. The program welcomes applications from across the global food and agriculture sector, and applicants will be personally matched based on their preferences and professional objectives. For more information and to apply to be a mentor or mentee, visit