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InTouch : Feed Management System

Increase feed efficiency for all ruminants

Measure. Monitor. Manage.

InTouch is a total feed management solution designed to give producers control of their feeding for all ruminant animals.

The systems comprises of a KEENAN controller that is fitted to the diet feeder, a cloud-based feed management software and mobile application to manage all aspects of feeding. The system is supported by InTouch Nutritionists and available to anyone including farmers, advisors and industry partners. 

Make feeding easier and more efficient with InTouch

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KEENAN Controller – Guides you step-by-step on mixing a consistent TMR everyday

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Feed Management Cloud Platform – Manage ingredients, diets, refusals and stock. Track costs and feeding accuracy

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InTouch Nutritionists analyze, advise and support feeding

Benefits of InTouch

Minimize the room for error between the diet prescribed, the diet fed and the diet actually eaten by the herd.

InTouch helps to simplify the complexity of feeding management by combining the power of technology and data with human knowledge and experience. Ultimately, InTouch helps producers meet exact nutrition requirements with minimum waste:

  • More consistent, precision accuracy
  • Greater feed conversion efficiency
  • Improved whole-herd health and performance

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