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Forging the Future of the Farm & Food Chain


Series Overview

COVID-19 has shone a spotlight on the global food supply chain and the people within it who keep store shelves stocked and families fed. Yet, COVID-19 may be transforming the way we produce and purchase food.

As part of Alltech’s effort to provide valuable resources to our colleagues, customers and the global agricultural community confronting COVID-19, we have created a special discussion series, Forging the Future of the Farm & Food Chain. In this free, completely on-demand series, experts from across the globe join panel discussions to share insights into how COVID-19 is impacting the agriculture sector.

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Join us as thought-leaders and change-makers explore the power of science, technology and human ingenuity.

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Part 1: Cultivating Optimism & Opportunity: Leadership in Times of Crisis

In times of crisis, leadership becomes even more consequential. How can leaders bring certainty in a time of uncertainty? How can they help their teams think proactively in order to discover opportunity and drive innovation? Dr. Mark Lyons explores how a leader can shape a culture of resilience that empowers a company’s team, even during times of turmoil.

Part 2: From the Frontlines of
Food Production

The COVID-19 crisis has brought renewed attention to not only the critical importance of food production, but also to the people on the frontlines who work tirelessly to ensure we have food on the table. This panel discussion takes a first-hand look at the experiences of those working within the food/feed sector in the midst of COVID-19.

Part 3: The Post-COVID Consumer: A Remaking of the Market?

Consumer trends are constantly evolving, but post-COVID, will the market see another seismic shift? This panel discussion features an investigation into the lasting impact COVID-19 could have on consumers and the global economy.

Part 4: Keep Calm & Carry On: The Essential Business of Agriculture

In this panel discussion, experts investigate how the current crisis is reshaping the agriculture sector. What permanent changes could COVID-19 create in how we source, produce and deliver food to market? Will there be a new appetite for automation and supply chain provenance?

Part 5: Planet of Plenty in a Post-COVID World

Dr. Mark Lyons, President and CEO, Alltech

In the midst of this COVID crisis, the global agriculture community has carried on its essential work — rising with the sun no matter the circumstance. We have provided the security of certainty at a time of great uncertainty and, in doing so, have reshaped the perception of our industry and perhaps even the way we view ourselves. How will we harness this renewed trust? Will the experiences of this time usher in a new approach to the ways in which we produce food, structure our supply chains and connect with consumers?

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