Feeding the World

Feeding the World

    Feeding the World with Kate Jacques

    Alltech's Director of Nutrition, Kate Jacques talks about the task we face feeding the world's burgeoning population

    The 20th Century saw our planet grow from 1.6 billion to 6.1 billion people, due in large part to the “green revolution” in agriculture and improvements in human health. By 2050, the population of the world will surpass 9.3 billion people, a number that is estimated to represent the apex of the human population on Earth.

    This population has been supported by our global food network, a complex system that allows food from all around the world to arrive where and when it is needed. However, there are many threats to this system, and it is everyone’s responsibility to protect the whole chain. At Alltech, we are trying to link the chain from farm to fork and create partnerships throughout that will provide the safest food chain possible.

    How will the growing population affect our food dynamics? [+]