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Growth isn’t always good

Excessive plant growth can reflect hormonal imbalance Contrary to popular belief, plant growth is not directly linked to an increase in yield.

"Mycotoxins are really complicated to manage, and it takes a multi-faceted approach and several tools to address them." — Dr. Art Schaafsma on managing mycotoxins in corn and wheat.

From the field: Managing mycotoxins

It is hard to believe that it is that time of year again: The combines are rolling and farmers across Canada, where I am based, are starting to pack, or have just finished packing, their bunks and

Nature’s fury: Natural disasters and agriculture in 2017

Nature’s fury: Natural disasters and agriculture in 2017

Nature has menacing ways of reminding us who has the ultimate upper hand.

Africa: A return to The Garden?

If, as the United Nations suggests, agribusiness is Africa’s best hope for e

Soil – Our silent ally in feeding the world

Did you know that 95 percent of the world's food comes from the soil?

Complexing micronutrients: It’s back to the basics!

Amino acids — the basic building blocks of every organism — are important for plant growth, development and metabolism.

Battling the black death of bananas

Bananas are a billion-dollar industry in Costa Rica.

Powering our planet: Affordable energy for the future

An interview with Ramez Naam The following is an edited transcript of our interview with Ramez Naam, co-chair for energy and environment at Singularity University.

Corn harvest pops despite weather stress

Corn harvest pops despite weather stress

2017 was an extremely hot and dry year in Portugal, with temperatures reaching 40 degrees Fahrenheit above average and summer temperatures extending through the end of October.