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Telmo Cristina, Tomatoes - Alltech Crop Science Testimonial

Telmo Cristina, an industrial tomato producer in central Portugal, tells how Alltech Crop Science solutions improved the quality of his produce and helped him to better meet the demands of the toma

Dan Olson & Co. Walnuts - Alltech Crop Science Testimonial

Meet Dan Olson. His grandfather came from Sweden and began to grow walnuts in the San Joaquin Valley.

dinner table

ACE-ing sustainability: Part III, “C” is for consumer

“Having me on staff, a registered dietitian, working at an animal nutrition and crop science company is really unheard of.”

Alltech 2017 Harvest Analysis indicates high levels of mycotoxins in corn silage across the U.S.

High levels of risk from DON, fusaric acid, T-2 and fumonisin present

Feast or famine?: Facing the future of food security

There is only so much arable land on planet Earth. Only so much water. But people are plentiful and becoming increasingly so, year after year. And people must eat to survive.

What are they thinking?

Documenting trends is the closest thing in business to peering into a crystal ball.

Spud-tacular research: Solutions for potato yield and uniformity

Modern agriculture is facing two daunting challenges: doubling year-on-year production to feed a longer-living population estimated to hit 9.3 billion by 2050, and in doing so, using fewer resource

Rebecca Noble: Food culture and organic farming

The following is an edited transcript of Tom Martin’s interview with Rebecca Noble, business development executive for Alltech Crop Science. Click below to hear the full interview:

Farming the Future

What does the future hold for farming and the entire food supply chain?

Ground work: 3 ways to get soil set for winter

As the winter months near, you may be in the midst of harvest. Perhaps you’ve already started thinking about how to increase your crop quality or increase your yield next year.