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Symptoms of the fungal disease esca spread quickly, causing great losses to vineyards

Esca, a fungal disease that attacks grapevines, can lead to great losses for vineyards. Alltech Crop Science is exploring natural-based solutions to help vines thrive in spite of this plant disease.

Ken Zuckerberg - Remaking the market: COVID-19 and consumer trends

Producers are faced with new challenges as consumers adapt to eating more meals at home in light of the COVID-19 crisis. Will we return to “normal” when the outbreak subsides, or will new habits create a permanent shift in how we eat? Ken…

Lesley Kelly - Healthy minds: Mental wellness in agriculture

It’s no secret that our farmers, ranchers and producers have particularly demanding jobs, which can be physically and mentally exhausting. Lesley Kelly is the farmer behind the popular blog, “High Heels and Canola Fields,” and a passionate…