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Amino acids are critical to plant health, helping offset external stressors and even contributing to new growths of other parts of the plant.

Amino Acids: What are they and what do they do?

Amino acids are critical to plant health, helping offset external stressors and even contributing to new growths of other parts of the plant.

Alltech Crop Science sows seeds of sustainability for Town Branch Distillery

Alltech’s Town Branch Distillery will source locally-grown, non-GMO corn from the farm of Alltech co-founder Deirdre Lyons for use in Town Branch® Bourbon and Town Branch® Rye. The crop is cultivated using natural solutions from Alltech’s…

Identify mold growth and protect your feed quality during harvest months

With harvest time quickly approaching, it's important to check your feed for mycotoxins and be on guard with solutions.

CAN Wheat Field

Alltech Crop Science expands product line in Canada

Alltech Crop Science, the agronomic division of Alltech, is proud to announce the addition of three new products to its Canadian line. Natures Basics®, Liqui-Plex® Cu and Liqui-Plex® Zn join the company’s other offerings, which include…

Dr. Atila Mogor: Biostimulants: The quiet agronomic revolutionizer

Are biostimulants the key to the next Green Revolution? The sustainable method has the potential to promote nutrient absorption, climate tolerance and disease resistance in crops, so what stands in the way? Dr. Atila Mogo has dedicated his…

Calcium: An important macronutrient for citrus plant development

Find out how calcium impacts structural and physiological function in citrus plants.

USDA Under Secretary Bill Northey: The farmer's partner

How does the United States Department of Agriculture become a better partner for farmers? Bill Northey, the under secretary of agriculture, says his mission is clear. In this podcast, he discusses how his agency aims to become a more…

The Grain Escape

The Grain Escape: Alltech Crop Science’s contest offers a chance to win a crop tour of Brazil

Brazil’s varied landscape is also home to an extensive number of crops, ranging from corn and soy to coffee, cashew and fruits native to the country, like jabuticabas. Alltech Crop Science is offering one lucky farmer and a guest the…

Lush lawn: 4 steps to improve your lawn’s vigor

As temperatures get warmer, our thoughts quickly turn to spending time outside, walking barefoot on the grass and enjoying lazy days on lawn chairs, sipping lemonade. Those daydreams are always colored by perfectly green grass. How can…

What are the implications of blockchain technology for food and agriculture?

Why is blockchain creating such excitement in agriculture? Aidan Connolly, chief innovation officer at Alltech, explains the technology and what supply chain transparency means for an industry traditionally reliant on confidentiality.