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Crop Science Articles

Kees Aarts – Insect-Based Nutrition

Protix is a Dutch nutrition company working to improve future food-production systems by using insect-based foods. Founder and CEO Kees Aarts joins us to discuss what inspired him to pursue creating alternative feed for animals and his…

Alltech has announced the launch of the 2020 Women in Food & Ag survey, which aims to gather insights on gender equality within the agri-food industry.

Alltech launches global survey on gender equality within the food and agriculture industry

Alltech believes that inclusion cultivates creativity and drives innovation.

Dr. Keith Latson – Lessons on Breaking into the Ag Industry

While many people working in the agriculture industry were raised around animals and farms, there are others who do not have this background and, instead, learned from the ground up to start their careers. Dr. Keith Latson, a board-…