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Crop Science Articles

Dr. Richard Lally: GMOs, CRISPR and nutrigenomics: A new crop of solutions?

It's an exciting time in crop management as emerging technologies offer hope for some of the industry's most pervasive challenges. Dr. Richard Lally provides a breakdown of the scientific discoveries reshaping crop production.

Dr. David Magana: Growing demand: Producing fruits and vegetables in today's market

Locally-sourced produce with year-round availability. Convenience, but with less packaging. Reasonable prices, despite increased labor costs. Today's consumers want it all, and as the population increases, are producers ready to grow with…

Ray Tucker from Kentucky wins The Grain Escape sweepstakes grand prize of a five-night agronomic and cultural tour of Brazil with Alltech Crop Science.​

Kentucky grower wins The Grain Escape sweepstakes to Brazil with Alltech Crop Science

The lure of the beaches of Rio de Janeiro and caipirinhas on the sand led many growers to enter The Grain Escape sweepstakes, which offered a grand prize of a five-night agronomic and cultural tour of Brazil. Now, Alltech Crop Science, the…

7 tips for managing field mycotoxins

Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) Brian Springer explains several methods for preventing and dealing with molds and mycotoxins.

John Power: Growing forward with new digital tools

How important to the future of farming are advanced technologies such as automation and artificial intelligence? Can technology help fill the void created by labor shortages? Joining us with a bird's eye view of this new era in agriculture…

John Perry: Is the pesticide industry headed toward science — or science fiction?

Just as consumers demanded — and received — antibiotic-free meat, the drumbeat is building for pesticide-free crop production. Is that a realistic goal? What are the trade-offs? John Perry, agronomic services team manager with Simplot…

Severe weather across the U.S. resulting in high risk for mycotoxins

Each growing season can present its own unique challenges, from hot temperatures and drought to excess rainfall and flooding. Extreme weather conditions can not only reduce yield but also delay harvest, increase plant stress and lead to…