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Crop Science Articles

Results from the 2019 Alltech Harvest Analysis indicate high levels of mycotoxins in corn silage across the U.S.

Extreme weather issues across the U.S. resulting in high risk for mycotoxins in corn silage

[LEXINGTON, Ky.] – The past year has been one of the most challenging years in recent memory for corn farmers across the Midwest due to excessive rainfall, which has resulted in delayed and/or prev

Dutch dairy farmers can lead the way in averting nitrogen emissions challenge

Dutch dairy farmers can lead the way in averting nitrogen emissions challenge

Heemskerk and Alltech collaboration working towards a cost-effective solution for rising ammonia levels

David Cleary: Deforestation and habitat loss in the Amazon and beyond

David Cleary, director of global agriculture at The Nature Conservancy, discusses the institution's three main sustainability goals: to reduce deforestation, increase soil health and promote water conservation. Learn what these three goals…

How to solve the greatest challenge in the feed industry

Food production is required to almost double to meet the needs of the world population and the global demand for protein, putting pressure on the livestock sector to maximize output while reducing the usage of resources. This will make…

Robynne Anderson: Changing agricultural policy on a global scale

As climate change becomes a larger issue, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and finding ways to sequester carbon in farm and food production is more important than ever. Robynne Anderson discusses her experience providing businesses with…

Adrián Ferrero: Improving soil health with ag-tech

While farmers spend billions of dollars each year in crop inputs, many are missing biomarkers that can cost them up to 30% in total value. The ag-tech startup Biome Makers is using new technologies like DNA sequencing and artificial…

Dr. Robert Ferl: Zero-gravity ops in crops

How do plants grow in space? Dr. Robert Ferl, a molecular and space biologist who has spent his career studying how biology adapts to strange environments through gene expression in plants, offers insights on how these studies can affect…

Dr. Taro Takahashi: Soil health, beef production and our carbon footprint

How can better soil health and more efficient beef production reduce our carbon footprint? Dr. Taro Takahashi, research scientist at Rothamsted Research, discusses organic vs. inorganic fertilizers, proposed meat taxes and agriculture's…