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Understanding the link between pet health and the microbiome

February 14, 2020
Dog jumping

The microbiome is currently an incredibly popular topic of research. Every living organism, including humans and pets, have all kinds of microorganisms (such as bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa) living on and within their bodies. These microorganisms live together as communities, and the collection of their genomes is referred as the microbiome. Microbiome communities are unique to certain habitats, such as the skin, lungs and the gut, to name a few, and can be crucial for pet immune system health.

Pet nutrition and diets are deeply connected to the composition and diversity of the microbiome, which, in turn, plays a significant role in the proper function of the digestive and immune systems of dogs and cats, ultimately affecting their overall health and well-being.

In partnership with Alltech, Petfood Industry (WATT Global Media) recently broadcast a complete and well-grounded webinar on the link between general pet health and the microbiome. Watch the webinar on demand to hear what senior Alltech researchers Dr. Richard Murphy and Dr. Rebecca Delles have to say about this very promising topic.

Some of the main topics you will learn about include:

  1. Microbiome composition and complexity
  2. Factors influencing microbiome diversity
  3. The critical role of the diet and nutritional strategies in the development and function of the microbiome
  4. The importance of the pet microbiome for immunity, inflammation and host well-being


Click here to watch the full webinar on the link between pet health and the microbiome with Dr. Richard Murphy and Dr. Rebecca Delles.