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Norman Neighs Hello to Denmark

August 20, 2014
Bulliten board for Vejen Til Profit

Norman neighs hello to Denmark as he was very excited to learn everything about its history! The more countries Norman visited the more of a history buff he has become, so after hearing that Denmark is famous for having an artistic heritage he was very excited to look around. Norman visited Copenhagen which had so many beautiful areas! Down by the Nyhavn harbor every house was a different color, mimicking a rainbow. Only a very short distance away was the Little Mermaid Statue, Norman thought that it was an exquisite piece of artwork, and he gave it his hoof of approval.

Norman then went to meet with the Alltech Denmark team, who brought him along to a tradeshow in Fredericia. Norman listened very hard all day and learnt a lot about the Alltech Weaner Advantage and the Mycotoxin Management Programme. Norman wanted to learn as much about Alltech’s solutions as he could, so that he would be able to share his knowledge with all the farmers and animals he met whilst on his travels to the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy. Whilst at the event Norman noticed that Danish people are very inquisitive, everyone was eagerly asking him about the logos on his clothes. Norman was a brilliant mascot and told them about the Games and all of the exciting events that they could expect to see such as dressage, endurance and Norman’s favorite, show jumping.

While working hard at the tradeshow Norman got to sample some traditional Danish cuisine. He ate about 20 warm sausage rolls, followed by about four or five cinnamon buns. Feeling very full, Norman trotted back to Copenhagen to spend some time on Europe’s longest shopping street. Norman wanted to pick up a few gifts to post back to his parents; he bought them a small statue of the Little Mermaid, some traditional Danish hats and two nice pairs of Danish shoes. Happy that he had purchased everything he needed, Norman was ready to go to his next country.