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Heat stress in pigs

Keep cool for the summer: How to treat heat stress in pigs

With the numerous health and environmental challenges disrupting the pig industry at present, the summer heat is one seasonal condition that pig farmers cannot afford to let stifle their profitability.

Dave Preisler - Pork and the pandemic: Confronting another crisis

The global pork industry was already grappling with African swine fever when the COVID-19 crisis struck. As the pandemic tests the dynamics of the food supply and closes some facilities, what does the future hold for one of the world’s…

Dr. Sayed Aman - Life, loss and silver linings amid the world's biggest lockdown

On March 24, India’s 1.3 billion people went into lockdown in the most extensive COVID-19 containment effort in the world. The impact of the pandemic extends to livestock producers, crop farmers and the food supply chain in unprecedented…