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Dr. Richard Murphy: Pet health starts in the bowl

Consumers are more willing than ever to pay a premium for quality pet food, and the latest research reveals the benefits of proper nutrition for pets. In this podcast, Dr. Richard Murphy discusses the powerful influence of the microbiome…

Bow ‘ow’? Parasite prevention for your pooch

Are you doing all that you can to protect your dog from potentially problematic parasites?

Feeding pets the good microbes

With the realization of the importance of microflora have come new nutritional strategies that influence microbial balance in pets' gastrointestinal tract. Many are based on simple supplementation or diet changes, but their effects can be…

Feline fret: Preventing urinary tract disorders in cats

The development of urinary tract diseases can be reduced or even prevented through nutritional intervention and environmental management.

As consumers gravitate toward functional "superfoods" and foods cultivated using sustainable practices, they often apply the same scrutiny to their pets' food.  Crop management that uses natural ingredients helps improve environmental impact and promotes the plant's nutritional value.

Crop to canine: Sustainable pet food starts in the soil

As consumers gravitate toward functional "superfoods" and food cultivated using sustainable practices, they often apply the same scrutiny to their pets' food.

A guide to feeding kittens

Give kittens the right start in life by providing balanced, high-quality nutrition.

The selenium effect: Immunity in pets

Your pet’s body has a built-in line of defense to fight pathogens that cause illness. Optimal selenium nutrition can help strengthen these defenses.

Nutrition and the environment are the two main factors that can affect the health of a pet.

Nutrigenomics: Uncovering the effects of nutrition in pets

In a recent live webinar, Dr. Kristen Brennan, research manager at Alltech, discussed how the science of nutrigenomics can be applied to pet nutrition.

Randy Cowtown

Randy Lamontagne: Little box stores with big ideas

The following is an edited transcript of Luther Andal's interview with Randy Lamontagne, general manager of Cowtown, a retail chain aquired by Alltech.