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Beef Cattle Articles

Keeping farmers InTouch with herd performance

In this podcast, Tom Martin speaks with Eddie Daly, business development manager at InTouch, a live nutritional support service developed by KEENAN to provide real-time feedback on diet performance. Can this cutting-edge technology improve…

Calving considerations: 3 tips for early nutrition

Proper nutrition and gut health are crucial during the first weeks of the calf’s life. Here are a few points to consider for the spring calving season.

Bacteria battleground: A winning strategy for calf gut health

A battle between good and bad bacteria is taking place inside the calf’s gut. How can you make sure good bacteria wins?

Alltech Mineral Myths Forum: Two key takeaways from Ridley Block Operations

This year at Cattle Industry Convention & NCBA Trade Show, Alltech sponsored the Mineral Myths Forum, which featured industry representatives discussing the myths behind mineral supplementation. We spoke with two experts, Dr. Vaughn…

Boland and Holder: Programmed nutrition

The following is an edited transcript of Luther Andal's interview with Dr. Vaughn Holder, research project manager at Alltech, and professor Maurice Boland, European research director at Alltech. Click below to hear the full interview:

Randy Cowtown

Randy Lamontagne: Little box stores with big ideas

The following is an edited transcript of Luther Andal's interview with Randy Lamontagne, general manager of Cowtown, a retail chain aquired by Alltech.   

Have beef cattle reached their full potential?

Have beef cattle reached their full potential?

Beef producers are constantly trying to drive down the feed conversion ratio (FCR) of their cattle to improve productivity.

Turning the tide on antibiotic resistance

An interview with Aidan Connolly