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Alltech invites participation in its first global sustainability insights survey

May 11, 2023

[LEXINGTON, Ky.] – Sustainability and the journey it entails has been described as the greatest challenge and opportunity of our time. In 2019, Alltech committed its team to a single, shared purpose of Working Together for a Planet of Plenty™, viewing it even more broadly as a vision for the global agri-food sector. As collaboration is essential for the achievement of shared goals, Alltech is inviting the global agriculture and agri-food industry to participate in the company’s inaugural Sustainability Insights Survey to gather insights on the issues that matter most to the agri-food value chain’s stakeholders.

“Given the evolving understanding of sustainability and the complexity of our industry, we believe that there is significant value in exploring and sharing perspectives across the value chain,” said Tara McCarthy, global vice president of ESG at Alltech. “This consultation will better enable us to develop a robust, future-facing perspective and a collaboration strategy that is relevant, ambitious and inclusive. Our aim is to identify tangible actions across the industry and across the value chain, as we seek to deliver a Planet of Plenty.”

The survey is now open to the global agri-food industry to provide input until June 12, 2023. The results of this global research will only be presented in aggregate form and responses will not be personally identified in the report. However, the aggregate findings will be shared and available for the benefit of the agri-food industry and its partners later this year.

For more information and to complete the survey, visit