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Emily Marshall

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Emily Marshall

Emily has spent the last year working at Alltech focused on poultry. Emily works on Alltech’s Gut Health Platform, and acts as technical manager for Alltech’s European ‘Poultry Squad’. Emily spends time with customers helping them to improve performance, writing articles for publications and speaking at discussion groups, as well as working as liason between Alltech’s marketing and research teams. Emily’s current project of focus is the EnviroRange.

Prior to working for Alltech, Emily worked for Tesco. Initially joining as an Intern during her time studying Biology at the University of Nottingham, Emily has had a variety of roles, starting from Meat, Fish, Poultry and Eggs team (MFPE) Product Quality Intern. Emily then rejoined Tesco after graduating as a Commercial Graduate Buyer and then moved for her second rotation to the MFPE team as Technologist for Poultry.