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Alayne Blickle

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Alayne Blickle

Creator and Director, Horses for Clean Water

Alayne Blickle is an accomplished horsewoman and educator who works with horse and small acreage livestock owners and teaches horse-keeping and land management practices.

An entrepreneurial businesswoman, Blickle has been a pioneer in the field of horse-keeping and land management. In the mid-90s, she created her own consulting business, Horses for Clean Water, which she continues to lead today. Blickle has fostered partnerships with natural resource agencies and horse organizations through her business.

Blickle has traveled and taught throughout North America and, thanks to Zoom, reaches audiences worldwide. She is a writer and photojournalist who regularly shares her work through publications such as “The Horse: Your Guide to Equine Health Care,” and Northwest Horse Source.

Blickle’s undergraduate studies focused on psychology and the natural sciences, and she earned a graduate degree in communications. She keeps her training current in the areas of sustainable agronomy, natural resource management, rangeland ecology, soil health and equine science. You can reach her at or via the websites for Horses for Clean Water and her ranch, Sweet Pepper Ranch.