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Alltech's mission is guided by its founding ACE principle, which demands safety and benefit for the Animal, Consumer and Environment.

Our founding focus and core business is to improve animal health and performance by adding nutritional value to feed. This commitment remains steadfast, but we are evolving with the results of our science to take on a more inclusive mission as we look to the future: a mission that sees us dedicated to improving the health and performance of animals, plants and humans through nutrition and scientific innovation. In many ways, this mission reflects the focus we’ve always had within the food chain.


Alltech’s nutritional supplements improve the health and performance of animals, whether they are part of a large-scale production or a family’s beloved pet. Our technologies are effectively utilized in dairy cows and beef cattle, poultry, swine, aquaculture, equine and companion animal sectors, addressing lifelong issues such as immunity, digestive health, mineral utilization, reproduction and bone strength.


Feed Quality

Our scientifically proven products add nutritional value to animal feed. We address factors known to negatively affect feed quality such as the global prevalence of mycotoxins.

Animal Wellness

Focusing on improving the immune system through nutrition is a core strategy for our technologies. For example, BIO-MOS®, a unique product derived from a strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast using a proprietary process developed by Alltech, is designed to feed the gastrointestinal tract. It promotes good bacteria and builds defenses, thereby maximizing performance.

Alltech’s study of nutrigenomics has led to a greater understanding of how to feed an animal to its specific genetic potential, tailoring nutrition to the animal’s requirements at particular stages of development. This approach to improving animal well-being holds limitless opportunities for the integrator, producer and retailer − efficient drug-free production, increased profitability, improved marketability and strengthened consumer confidence.

Production Efficiency

Improvements in feed quality and animal well-being have a direct effect on overall production efficiency. Animals with a healthy gut better absorb nutrients, resulting in lower input costs for farmers and less environmental impact through the waste of undigested nutrients. Within the industry reality of ever-tightening margins and rising raw material prices, this brings significant value to farmers who are eager to see better returns on their investments.

Alltech has invested significant resources to develop patented feed ingredient technologies that support our customers’ business goals. One such example is Alltech’s Bioplex® organic trace mineral range. Inorganic trace minerals are poorly absorbed by most species, and producers tend to over-supplement livestock rations to compensate for this inefficiency. Such practices compound inefficiencies, costing the farmer extra and creating pollution in the form of concentrated excreta. As a range of organic trace minerals, Alltech’s Bioplex is a true ACE solution in its benefits for the animal, consumer and environment.


Today’s consumers are skeptical and selective. Why shouldn’t they be? After all, they’ve experienced a fairly steady diet of food safety scares ranging from salmonella and E.coli outbreaks to global pandemic fears related to avian and swine influenzas.


The consumer base is also multiplying. By 2100, if not sooner, the global population scale is expected to tip 11 billion. This is a pivotal moment for our food industry.

As a family-owned business, we can identify with the mothers and fathers who need to trust that the product at the end of the supply chain—the meat, cheese or eggs on their child’s plate—is nutritious, delicious and free from contaminants.

We believe one way to foster consumer confidence is to encourage value chain transparency. We work closely with food safety institutions in developing strategies and policies to ensure traceability and safety from farm to fork.

Alltech has long been focused on how its products affect consumers through their impact on the animal. For example, selenium has been referred to as the “conductor of the antioxidant orchestra” due to its pivotal role in human health and wellness. Yet many areas of the world are deficient in naturally-occurring selenium. This can be mitigated through functional foods or foods that are fortified with organic selenium through the animal’s diet. Research has shown that including organic selenium in pig diets, for example, may increase the level of selenium in pork, reduce drip loss and color loss in the meat and improve economic returns for producers and retailers alike.


As a global company, Alltech recognizes our responsibility to the world’s environment as a corporate citizen. We’ve approached this responsibility from the standpoint of a family-owned company eager to see its children inherit a stronger, healthier planet. Because all Alltech animal health products focus on achieving optimum well-being, environmental improvements are often an added benefit. This is for two reasons.


First, a healthy animal is better able to digest its food and therefore excretes less undigested resources back into the environment. Second, products such as Allzyme® SSF enable an animal to make greater use of its feed, which minimizes the natural resources that would need to be used to feed the animal. We are proud of our brand portfolio and its environmental impact. Yet we believe much more can still be done in the food, feed and crop industries. Our global research team is dedicated to continuous innovation. We are dissatisfied resting on today’s progress; we are propelled forward by a future full of promise.