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Don’t wait until you see a change in the quality of your mix

Blaengelli farm

Regularly checking your diet feeder for signs of wear and tear, in addition to routine servicing will help to identify potential issues before they arise.

We recently caught up with Catherine Howells from Blaengelli Farms in Carmarthenshire who prioritises the routine maintenance of their MechFiber 365 diet feeder for several reasons.

Regular maintenance reduces breakdowns


“We’ve had several MechFiber diet feeders here at Blaengelli Farm over the last twenty years and I can’t remember when, if ever, we’ve been let down. That’s partly due to the fact that we look after it; the feeder is greased and checked weekly for wear and tear and serviced regularly by Anthony James.

Peace of mind

Although the main focus for us is ensuring that the feeder is mixing properly so that the cows have a perfect ration. It’s also the peace of mind we have from knowing that because the machine is routinely inspected and well maintained that something is less likely to fail, particularly on a bank holiday. And if it were to happen, because even the highest quality, most well-maintained machinery sometimes does break down, we know that Anthony will have us back up and running before we know it.

Higher trade-in value

Well looked after and maintained machinery always holds it value and this has been proven time and time again when we’ve traded in our KEENAN machines and upgraded to a new one.”

Reliability made simple

Avoid downtime, reduce fuel consumption and ensure a consistent and high-quality mix with a KEENAN service contract. Tailored to your farm needs and the age and model of your diet feeder; our service contracts offer peace of mind and value for money. Using only genuine parts, one of our KEENAN trained accredited service engineers will work through a 40+ point checklist to ensure that your diet feeder is in top condition. Find out more here.