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Poultry World

Poultry World interviews Alltech CEO, Dr Mark Lyons

July 14, 2020

Edition 5 of Poultry World includes interview the CEO of Alltech, Dr Mark Lyons, who sees opportunity in the agriculture space.

Farmers Guide

Wilt rapidly to reduce dry matter losses from silage

July 07, 2020

Dry matter losses are costing UK farmers an average of £25/tonne DM. But simple changes to silaging practices could help cut this cost. Dave Davies, from Silage Solutions, who recently spoke about silage making as part the Alltech…

Dairy Global

Keep cool and carry on: Combating the effects of heat stress in dairy cows

June 26, 2020

Climate change and weather extremes are becoming an increasing issue, not only in the warmer regions but also in more temperate countries such as the UK. Heat stress results from a combination of temperature and humidity over and above…