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Alltech Navigate

The zero-fee advice service designed to help dairy and beef operations drive higher profit margins by reducing feed waste and optimising farm input utilisation.

✔ Protect Production Profitability by increasing margins.

✔ Advance Agri-Food Sustainability by reducing net carbon emissions.

✔ Support Natural Immunity by helping build a natural system of defence. 

Why look at feed waste?

There are many uncontrollable factors putting pressure on dairy and beef producers:

  • Continued market volatility
  • Rising environmental-based compliance measures
  • Feed input costs

Alltech® Navigate™ pilot studies* have revealed that as much as 45% of grown and purchased feed inputs are either lost or under-utilised from the field to the bulk tank or abattoir. 

Alltech Navigate helps dairy and beef producers to future-proof by controlling the controllable.

There is a margin opportunity of £261/animal/annum​* available from reducing feed waste.


*Download a copy of our pilot studies

How does the Alltech Navigate service work?

The service is founded on the principle of assessing, analysing and actioning data — making data a truly valuable resource to both the farmer and the wider food chain.

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Step 1: Assess

First, we assess the critical pinch points in four main stages across the whole feed process, looking at all areas where waste typically occurs.

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Step 2: Analyse

A unique computerised system of algorithms analyses the assessed data into actual feed wastage percentages and respective financial losses.

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Step 3: Action

A concise report containing prioritised actionable recommendations gives key decision-makers greater ability to make independent and well-informed investment and management decisions. The report will also benchmark against a comparative group.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Alltech Navigate for?

Alltech Navigate is suitable for both dairy and finishing beef farms.


How long does it take?

Each Alltech Navigate visit takes around two hours, throughout most of which the advisor can work unassisted. The visit will conclude with a review of the report to decide on next steps for the farm business to take. Frequency of service is highly dependent on each farm, but we usually suggest a twice-yearly visit.


How much does it cost?

Alltech Navigate is zero-fee and no-obligation.


What’s in it for me?

The definition of navigation is to ascertain the present position and to determine the direction to go in order to arrive at the next destination. Alltech Navigate is a Sat-Nav for progressive farm businesses, providing route guidance to unique target destinations.


What are you trying to sell?

Ultimately, Alltech Navigate is designed to keep farmers in the driving seat. We’ll talk about low-cost, practical suggestions and, in some cases, there may also be products whose benefits they can weigh against the costs we have calculated.

For route guidance on achieving up to £216 in additional revenue per animal per year, book your free Alltech Navigate on-farm consultation now.

Alltech Navigate wins big at 2021 Cream Awards

Alltech has been announced as the 2021 Cream Awards Innovation Category winner for its waste-reduction service, Alltech Navigate.

The Cream Awards is known widely as a premier celebration of the brightest and best in the dairy industry. The Award for Innovation is sponsored by British Dairying — accredited the most comprehensive monthly trade magazine for farmers, vets and others involved in the UK dairy industry.

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A 150 cow dairy farm in Staffordshire has seen milk yield increase by 225 litres a day following the implementation of key recommendations from an Alltech® Navigate™ feed efficiency assessment.  
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