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Life is a classroom.

Learning is a lifelong journey, and it is our aim to cultivate curiosity and inspire innovation. This is the only way we will be able to face the challenges of tomorrow. At Alltech, we are investing in the future through the science labs we create, our global competitions in the arts and sciences, and unique professional career paths. Every day can be an opportunity for discovery.


Alltechs Young Scientist

The Alltech Young Scientist (AYS) program features the world’s largest agriscience competition. It offers the brightest scientific thinkers from colleges and universities across the globe an opportunity to compete at the highest level and be rewarded for their innovative research. Students are encouraged to join Alltech in pursuit of solutions in animal health and nutrition, crop science, agriculture analytical methods, food chain safety and traceability, human health and nutrition and other agriscience-related sectors, while also gaining valuable experience with the company’s global team.

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Alltech Innovation Competition

Innovation is at the heart of creation and change. This drives Alltech’s passion for diverse business interests, its global team, research, and developing new solutions. This is the essence of the Alltech Innovation Competition. The Alltech Innovation Competition started in 2013 in Kentucky and Ireland, and challenges undergraduate and graduate university teams to develop forward-thinking business plans on innovative ideas in animal nutrition, crop science, food, and brewing and distilling that will improve local economies. This competition, now annual, celebrates entrepreneurship and the impact of cross-functional teamwork on business development..

Winning ventures are awarded with a potential prize package of $10,000*. This is the same amount with which Dr. Pearse Lyons founded Alltech, now an almost $2 billion company.

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Alltech Career Development Program

The Alltech Career Development Program is an excellent opportunity for highly motivated, recent graduates who want to jumpstart an incredible career.

Alltech, a global leader in animal health and nutrition, offers and delivers a broad portfolio of innovative solutions that set new standards for a sustainable future. We are looking for pioneering and entrepreneurially spirited people to join our multi-billion dollar business. Successful candidates will earn the opportunity to work with dynamic Alltech professionals all focused on the goal of improving the health and performance of people, animals and plants through nutrition and scientific innovation, while increasing farm profitability around the world. We are looking for talented individuals to help us continue to evolve, innovate and deliver exceptional standards of quality and performance. Joining our global team opens the door to a stimulating, fast-paced and rewarding future!

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