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Production and Distribution

Our U.K. production and distribution facility is conveniently situated off of the Great North Road (A1), just 12 miles from Alltech Stamford. The facility produces over 1,000 tonnes of material per month for distribution across the U.K., Europe, Asia and the Middle East. 


Production capabilities 
Our automated systems cater to a wide customer base.We produce both liquids and dry powders that are packaged in buckets, bags, tubs, 1-tonne bulk bags and 1,000-litre containers. We also have a variety of mixing mechanisms, allowing us to mix small and large batches. 


Quality control 
The facility is approved by FAMI-QS, certifying our fully integrated principles of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) to comply with market and legislative requirements for greater feed safety. 


Environmental standards 
The facility is a recipient of the ISO 14001 environmental management system (EMS) accreditation, aiding in Alltech’s immediate and long-term goals to have a positive impact on the environment. More recently, we have reduced packaging consumption by 50,000 kilos per annum though improved pallet presentation and elimination of excess materials. We also operate a zero-waste-to-landfill policy.


Transportation values 
We are working with freight partners to reduce our carbon load by 50 million tonnes by 2021 by using Euro 6 trucks, which are tracked via GPS and are environmentally friendly when in operation. Our freight partners operate at the highest standards with enabled order tracking.