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Alltech Navigate wins big at 2021 Cream Awards

Alltech Navigate wins big at 2021 Cream Awards

Alltech Navigate wins big at 2021 Cream Awards

Alltech has been announced as the 2021 Cream Awards Innovation Category winner for its waste-reduction service, Alltech Navigate.

The Cream Awards is known widely as a premier celebration of the brightest and best in the dairy industry. The Award for Innovation is sponsored by British Dairying — accredited the most comprehensive monthly trade magazine for farmers, vets and others involved in the UK dairy industry.

Alltech Navigate is the only service of its kind designed to help producers command the controllable by looking at the highest variable cost on-farm holistically. It stood up against a high level of competition, but it was Alltech’s ability to demonstrate advancing production profitability while also impacting agri-food sustainability that achieved the accolade.

“This innovation boosts feed conversion efficiency, driving on-farm profitability at the same time as driving down carbon emissions, exactly the type of innovation the dairy sector requires in order to build a sustainable future,” Judge Paul Tompkins of South Acre Farm commented. “Most dairy farms operate on tight margins, so dairy farmers are always keen to learn of innovations that will help reduce input costs without compromising cow performance. The Navigate system pioneered by Alltech stands out as an opportunity for dairy farmers to challenge food waste on their farms, making use of truly reliable, customised data to make improvements in their feeding regime.”

Fergal McAdam, General Manager for Alltech UK, commented “In just 18 months since its launch, Alltech Navigate has assessed over 23,000 cows nationally. We have helped farm businesses identify over £70,000 in annual savings each year and provided personalised data-driven advice designed to help reduce carbon emissions to the equivalent of 4,784 cars off the road.

“We would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to all the farmers who pioneered the service, and in particular, to Dr. David Davies of Silage Solutions Ltd., who co-developed one of the core parts of the service.”