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A guide to buying a used KEENAN diet feeder

KEENAN Approved MechFiber340

 If you have made the decision to buy a used KEENAN diet feeder to decrease manual labour and improve your feed management on your farm, we have put together recommendations to get a reliable KEENAN that fits onto your farm.

How many animals do you want to feed with one mix? What is the maximum height of a machine to fit into your sheds? Do you have any tight turns you will need to navigate with the machine? These are questions that will influence the size and equipment that will work on your farm. Our experienced KEENAN area business managers can help you with these questions.

To ensure that your used KEENAN diet feeder is in good nick, start with checking the overall appearance. Every machine will have to be relined at some point in their life, take the cost of relining the machine into account if the mixing chamber is worn. To get a long working life out of your machine, make sure that 6 mm steel is used when relining a machine.

Check the paddles, rotor and auger – it is important that these parts are straight and undamaged. Also, check the auger flighting, worn flighting can be replaced.

The VFC door should open and close freely. See if the seals are intact to make sure powdery feed doesn’t fall out where it isn’t supposed to. Replacing the seal is a nut-and-bolt job.

An important part to ensure good mix quality is checking that the body blades are sharp and paddle rubbers aren’t worn. Consider sharpening or replacing worn knives and paddle rubbers to get a good quality mix, increase chopping speed and keeping fuel consumption low. Lastly, check seals, protective devices and guards (including PTO) and make sure that your machine will be delivered with all of these in good condition.

Next points to check are hitch, chassis and drawbar. Have a look at the hydraulics as well and check operation and for leakages.

Check the spline shaft. The PTO shaft connects to the diet feeder and turns the two chain drives for the auger and rotor. The stub shaft sits in two bearings. If you pull the shaft and it rattles, check if the back bearings need replacing. It is easy enough to replace the whole drive shaft assembly.

Open the front covers and look at the drive chains. There are two chains used on the KEENAN MechFiber model. The primary drive chain drives the auger shaft and the secondary chain drives the rotor. Both chains are tensioned by spring assemblies on the slack side of the chain. If these are slack, check for chamfer on the sprockets. The tensioners itself can be replaced easily and at low cost. Check if the chains are lubricated and that the machine got regularly greased.

Lastly, check the weighbox including weighbars, cables and sockets to ensure it’s working properly. A weighbox is the brain of the operation and you want it working properly to guide you through the loading and mixing process to get an accurate mix and keep feed waste to a minimum.

The one place to get a top-quality used KEENAN diet feeder with warranty is directly from the manufacturer. Their trade-ins have mostly been maintained directly by KEENAN service engineers and the history of the machine is known. This way, only structurally sound machines will be released back into the market. For the KEENAN Approved range, only the top of the range trade-ins are used with a maximum of 10 years old. Machines are fully stripped down, checked for functionality and put back together. Approved machines come with a 3-month manufacturer warranty, are relined, shot blasted and painted and have new body blades, paddle rubbers, hydraulic pipes and tyres.

If you are interested in a used diet feeder, get in contact with KEENAN for a list of directly available machines.


UK: 01780 437521

Ireland: 059 977 1200