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Top tips for tackling storage mycotoxins in animal feed

storage mycotoxins in animal feed

Mycotoxins are an unrelenting threat in the battle for optimal animal health and performance. Underestimating their risk at any stage of production can lead to disease challenges and non-recoupable financial losses. 

While the prevalence and treatment of mycotoxin problems pre-harvest are well known, producers must also be vigilant when it comes to the post-harvest mycotoxin threat. These strains commonly develop during feedstuff storage and pose just as much of a problem as those found in the field. 

To help you identify, manage and mitigate storage mycotoxin issues, Alltech has compiled a downloadable e-guide with everything you need to know.

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2020 European Summer Harvest Survey

Alltech analysed feed samples from across Europe to create an in-depth picture of the continent’s mycotoxin landscape in its 2020 European Summer Harvest Survey. When you sign up for the storage mycotoxins e-guide, you will also have access to the full survey report and a webinar recording, giving you even more information on the possible mycotoxin threat. Find out more here.