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Know your mycotoxin risk with Alltech’s Summer Harvest Survey

With ever-increasing demands from the end consumer, and the growing concern surrounding food quality, animal feed safety has become an important topic in agriculture. There is increasing pressure throughout the supply chain to ensure clean and safe feed for animals, which helps to deliver a safer and healthier supply of food for consumers. 

Ever-present in the farm environment and a potential threat to the productivity of even the best-run livestock production operations, mycotoxin contamination should now be on every feed producer and farmer’s radar. 

Introducing Alltech's European Summer Harvest Survey 

Each year, Alltech's European Summer Harvest Survey provides farmers and feed producers with an accurate view of the mycotoxin contamination risk across the continent. Conducted using Alltech 37+® mycotoxin analysis, the survey data is compiled into a free, downloadable report, covering the potential threat across all European feed and species types. 

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Effect of Mycotoxins

Mycotoxins are hidden thieves, and likely to be responsible for numerous undiagnosed health issues in farmed livestock worldwide. For most livestock producers, the result of mycotoxin presence is more likely to be seen as a chronic issue that occurs over a longer period but may not always result in acute symptoms. Regardless, the outcome in all cases will be reduced performance and lost profits.

Different mycotoxins will have varying toxicities, modes of action and health effects on different species, affecting the bottom line of any livestock operation in several ways:

reduce feed icon
Reduced feed intake and output
rumen icon
Digestive disorders
health icon
Compromised health status
infertility icon
Compromised reproductive performance

Know your mycotoxin risk with Alltech’s Summer Harvest Survey 

Based on over 260 samples spanning 15 European countries, preliminary results from Alltech's survey indicate a moderate to high overall mycotoxin risk from this year's harvested crops. This report provides farmers and feed producers with the information they need to identify and avoid issues that could affect productivity and profitability. 

“We know that feeding even low-level contaminated feeds has been shown to impact animal health and performance,” said Dr. Radka Borutova, European technical support manager with the Alltech® Mycotoxin Management team. “So, even in lower-risk scenarios, producers should not neglect the need to guard against the threat of mycotoxins.'' 

The complete survey results are available in a free, downloadable report.   

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In an in-depth webinar presentation, Alltech Mycotoxin Management’s Dr. Radka Borutova delved into the 2020 European Summer Harvest Survey, exploring the findings of the Alltech 37+ analysis.

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