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What if accurate mycotoxin insights could empower you to make the most informed decisions?

Turbulent weather throughout the UK and continental Europe — including heavy rainfall — has many producers concerned about compromised crop conditions and a potentially difficult year ahead for mycotoxin challenges.

When facing a mycotoxin risk, it is always better to act proactively rather than reactively. However, to act both early and effectively, feed and livestock producers must first understand their region’s mycotoxin landscape in order to get an accurate idea of what they are up against.

Introducing the Alltech 2021 European Harvest Analysis

Based on results from laboratory-based mycotoxin testing, our 2021 European Harvest Analysis report is, above all, timely, as it includes the most recent harvest data and the most up-to-date information about the current mycotoxin risk across almost 20 countries.

In addition to highlighting the mycotoxin risk, this analytic report will also help identify the potential physical and financial impact of this risk in multiple animal species. These insights will allow the feed industry and livestock producers to make accurate and effective decisions when managing any potential mycotoxin challenges in the coming feeding season.

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The Alltech 2021 European Harvest Analysis webinar

In an in-depth webinar presentation, Dr. Radka Borutova, technical support manager for the Alltech European Mycotoxin Management team, shared the latest insights about the quality of the new season grains, exploring the findings of the Alltech 37+ analysis. 

Dr. Borutova has more than 10 years of experience in working with mycotoxin management products and support. With a proven record of developing and implementing strategies focused on the customer’s satisfaction and financial gain, her expertise and insights will undoubtedly help fully prepare you to fight the potential threat of mycotoxins.

“Compared to 2020, weather conditions across the continent this year have been much more variable. The effects of this weather on crop conditions and mycotoxin risk are already apparent, with results from the samples analysed to date indicating a moderate risk of mycotoxin contamination. With more corn samples still to be analysed, we may see this risk increasing, meaning that it is vital to continue to understand the mycotoxin risk in your grains or forages before making decisions related to mycotoxin control for the coming season.” —Dr. Radka Borutova, European Technical Support Manager, Alltech Mycotoxin Management Team

Click the button below to watch back over the webinar recording and receive the full Alltech 2021 European Harvest Analysis report. 

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SGS: An exciting addition to the 2021 European Harvest Analysis

We are delighted to work together with SGS to deliver an even more insightful 2021 European Harvest Analysis. SGS is one of the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification companies, with a long history of providing fully validated mycotoxin testing services. Collaborating with SGS will allow us to expand the number of samples that we analyse and to deliver a larger geographical representation of the crop quality throughout the continent.

Get essential mycotoxin information through the Mycotoxin Management Portal

Sample collection and mycotoxin testing for the 2021 European Harvest Analysis are now underway. Once complete, all of the results and important information will be available through the Mycotoxin Management Portal. This intuitive digital platform makes it even easier to focus on the crucial data that matters to you. Speak to your local Alltech representative to learn more, including how you can sign up to access the portal.

On the interactive map below, you can effortlessly locate and view the mycotoxin contamination patterns for your region and information about the potential risk as it relates to your chosen species.

*By using the Harvest Analysis data and interacting with the map on this page, you acknowledge that Alltech is not responsible in any way for the accuracy or the completeness of the data presented here.

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