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Focus on livestock housing at the Dairy Show

October 18, 2019

Housing is a key aspect of most livestock farms and both its design and internal features can be the making or breaking of welfare and productivity. This year's Dairy Show (2 October) will feature a huge range of the latest research and …

Farmers Weekly

Eight ways to lift dairy feed efficiency

October 18, 2019

A list of eight ways to improve feed efficiency on dairy units has been released following a series of on-farm trials. Alltech consultants piloted a free-of-charge farm efficiency consultancy programme on 50 commercial dairy farms.…


Pioneering service to help farmers cut feed waste launched at UK Dairy Day

October 18, 2019

Dairy farmers across the UK can now benefit from Alltech Navigate, a new and pioneering advice service aiming to increase profit by more than 1.2p/L through reducing feed waste and optimising input utilisation. Presenting at UK Dairy Day…

The Scottish Farmer

Feed waste could cost £522 per cow, per year

October 11, 2019

Feed costs for a typical 1.5 million litre dairy herd are colossal at around £230,000 per year, with research suggesting that as much as 25­45% of that feed is lost, or under­utilised, during the feed process. According to Bob Kendal, …

Farming UK

New service to help farmers cut feed waste and drive profits

October 11, 2019

A new advice service has been launched which aims to help dairy farmers cut feed waste while increasing profit margins by a minimum of 1.2p per litre.  Navigate, a free-to-access service launched by feed specialists Alltech, aims to…

Three Counties Farmer

Dairy Day's great success

October 11, 2019

Dairy farmers across the region can benefit from a pioneering advice service that aims to increase profit margins by a minimum of 1.2 pence per litre through reducing feed waste and optimising input utilisation. Presenting at UK Dairy Day…

British Dairying

Dairy Day round up

October 11, 2019

This year's UK Dairy Day attracted over 9,000 visitors, including farmers, exhibitors, trade and sponsors, according to organisers Holstein UK. The New Product Competition, sponsored and judged by IDEXX, featured 12 innovative products…

Feed Waste could cost £522 per cow, per year

September 23, 2019

Feed costs for a typical 1.5 million litre dairy herd are colossal at around £230,000 per year, with research suggesting that as much as 25-45% of that feed is lost, or under-utilised, during the feed process. According to Bob Kendal,…

Alltech 37+ analyses new and emerging mycotoxins

September 23, 2019

Alltech 37+® analyses new and emerging mycotoxins  

South West Farmer

Farmers advised to pay attention to detail when opening clamp to minimise feed waste

August 15, 2019

Farmers are being encouraged to pay close attention to detail when opening the clamp to minimise feed waste, maximise cow performance and bolster the bottom line. Feed costs can be as much as 19.7 pence per litre on some dairy enterprises…