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Team - Alltech

Fergal McAdam

Fergal McAdam

UK General Manager

John Cooper

John Cooper

Business Manager for Poultry

Since joining Alltech in 2013 my main focus has been improving poultry health and performance and ultimately business profitability, while minimising antibiotic usage. Within a career spanning over 24 years, I have worked across many areas of the pou… Read More

Adam Platt

Adam Platt

Regional Sales Manager, Poultry

07973 616400

Bob Kendal

Bob Kendal

Ruminant Manager (North) 

07885 280691

Andrew L

Andrew Linscott

Ruminant Manager (East) 

07894 797077

Jason F

Jason Flint

Ruminant Manager (Midlands) 

07972 249788

Louise C

Louise Clarke

Ruminant Manager (South West) 

07713 231047