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Natural nutrition.

Natural behaviour.

A nutritionally rewarding pecking block designed to provide natural nutrition and promote natural behaviours, enhancing the welfare of all poultry species at any stage of production.


The only pecking block to the market to contain scientifically-proven Alltech technologies:


  • ACTIGEN® to help stabilise the gut, supporting natural immune defence against stress-associated health issues and aiding nutrient utilisation.

  • DE-ODORASE® to help reduce ammonia levels, control manure odour and promote respiratory health.

  • The highly durable circular design provides a greater surface area to occupy more birds at a time. The block is easy to install and suitable for any set-up.

  • Ceiling suspension, visible grains and the distinctively appealing sweet smell attract birds to the block, encouraging natural pecking, foraging and beak conditioning.

Charles Mear, of Wood Farm Free-Range Eggs, has been trialling NATU-PEK on his family’s two 14,000-bird units in Bedfordshire since September and has seen positive results.

“The sweet-smelling blocks are big and sturdy enough to occupy several birds each side at one time, are lasting well and are easy to hang. The birds love them, as do we!”

Are you seeing any of the following stress indicators?

  • Feather sucking or pulling
  • Chicken squawking
  • Flighty, busy or lethargic birds
  • Changes in noises and volume
  • Changes in manure colour or consistency
  • Changes in egg quality