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What our customers say

The InTouch support is great. I just call up if I need any changes done or the internet is down and they are more than willing to help. I suppose the best thing about it is, given that I feed everything through the wagon, they are looking after all the animals for me. This and the consistency of the mix is number 1.

Alex Steen, Tyrone

Producing an average of 31 litres per cow per day, with a butterfat of 4.3% and protein of 3.4%, we attribute this success to the consistent mix quality from KEENAN and the control which InTouch provides.

Groupement Agricole d’Exploitation en Commun (GAEC), Brittany region, France

Milk has gone up around 1 litre, butterfat improved and there is definitely less stomach upsets. Diet feeding makes cows last longer and we enjoy seeing healthy cows milking well.

James & Andrew Adair, Antrim

Using a KEENAN diet feeder, fitted with a KEENAN controller and InTouch feed management technology has been so beneficial to our work here. It guides us through the correct loading procedure, mixing time and ingredients quality.

Jeff Hicks, New Zealand

Quality is extremely important to us at MacRebur — we can’t have any variability in our batches, so we need to make sure our product is consistent,” said Gordon Reid, co-founder of MacRebur. “This is the main reason we chose KEENAN.  In addition, the KEENAN controller enables us to use exactly the right amount of activator to create the correct blend

MacRebur, United Kingdom

The KEENAN diet feeder is a great design- nothing to go wrong, very simple with no gear box, only six paddles and two chains. We couldn’t do such a good job without it.

Robert Neil, Scotland

For me, InTouch Controller is superb, the InTouch support is great. I can base my simple buffer diet of silage, concentrate and straw on the weather and grass availability

Sean Hayes, Tipperary

It was a very exciting moment starting to use the KEENAN system, the difference it has made on this farm has been huge. It has changed my understanding of what is possible on the farm

Alistair Kirkby, New Zealand

Achieving a 75% first service to conception left me amazed to be honest; I’d have laughed at anybody who told me it would improve so much, but I’ve seen it happen here.

Brian Rohan, Laois

I’ve seen significant improvements in the health of my cows due to the use of the new KEENAN MechFiber mixing system. It’s hard to quantify this on paper but, holding afterbirth problems that I had are now gone. Because my cows are eating a reliable and consistent mix they are healthier, more content and performing better.

John Bennett, Kilkenny

The KEENAN system is simplistic. Results are great and goats are in great condition

Gary Wade, New Zealand

I felt that KEENAN was a good recognised brand and the best feeder to mix. People told me it would add to my workload, but i felt it as lessened once I got myself into a feeding routine. The KEENAN is easy to manoeuvre, very compact, and a very sturdy machine.

Tim McSweeney, Cork