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KEENAN provide precision diet feeding technology to optimally mix and prepare feed for maximum animal performance. 

Handcrafted in Ireland, KEENAN offer a comprehensive product portfolio, which extends from horizontal paddle feeders, vertical auger mixer-wagons to self-propelled, industrial mixing and orbital for added farmer convenience. 

With cutting-edge designs the KEENAN machine range is engineered to help the modern livestock farmer manage a farm efficiently. 

  • MechFiber


    The KEENAN MechFiber machines are unique in the proven nutritional benefits they deliver. Each MechFiber mixer-wagon is engineered to use a gentle mixing action to produce a light, fluffy feed, which is never over or under mixed. The MechFiber range is available from 8-28 cubic meters. 

  • KEENAN Orbital Spreader


    The Orbital Spreader comes complete with the KEENAN reputation for engineering excellence and unrivalled back up service. The Orbital is the answer to the most demanding spreading tasks and is the only spreader available, which can handle diverse and complex materials. 

  • KEENAN Promix


    The KEENAN ProMix range are static mixing units with capacity up to 28 cubic metres. These industrial machines are developed for high throughput industrial applications, and incorporate patented mixing, control and management technologies. 

  • KEENAN Self Propelled diet feeder


    The KEENAN self-propelled (SP) range has been engineered to deliver rapid loading of a vast number of products leaving a clean, uniform face for optimum pit face management. Available in both 16 and 20 cubic metre capacity, the MechFiber SP range maintains the unique ability to produce the KEENAN MechFiber mix. 

  • KEENAN Vertical Auger diet feeder

    Vertical Auger

    The KEENAN Vertical Auger feeder is a world-class machine, providing premium mixing quality with a unique speed of mix and high capacity. The vertical range is available in twin-auger models from the VA2 range, whilst larger triple-auger units make up the VA3 line-up. Capacities are from 18 cu m right up to 44 cu m.