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Digest P3

Digest P3 is an enzyme complex, cultured through a process known as solid state fermentation, that improves the profitability of anaerobic digestion by optimising biogas productivity.

  • Reduces viscosity
  • Tackles floating layers and crusts
  • Stabilises biological processes

Digest P3 contains cellulase, xylanase, betaglucanase and other carbohydrase activities originating from a selected strain of Trichoderma longibrachiatum.

Also contains a by-product of enzyme production with Aspergillus Niger as a source of Pectinase.


How does Digest P3 work?

By accelerating the breakdown of various materials, such as plant fibres, paper, animal and farm wastes, resulting in sugars and amino acids more suitable for conversion into biogas. 

DIGEST P3 customers are successfully optimising the flexibility offered by this technology. Many are reducing their feedstock inputs and maintaining gas output, while others are actively increasing biogas output without raising feedstock volumes. How you use the benefits of DIGEST P3 is up to you!

Why use Digest P3?

Digest P3 is a cost-effective solution for biogas operators to optimise the microbiological fermentation of materials used in the production of methane for gas and electricity generation.

  1. Up to a 28% reduction in feed costs
  2. Increased biogas production
  3. Up to a 12% increase in electrical production

DIGEST P3 allows for flexibility in feedstock formulation through the inclusion of by-products and alternative raw materials.

Where can Digest P3 be used?

  • Agricultural biogas
  • Food waste biogas

Expert opinion: Is Digest P3 for you?


ONM Energy, AD operations specialists and our UK distribution and technical partner, have been putting Digest P3 to the test in real scenarios in UK AD facilities. Ricky Maylin, director at ONM Energy, gives his first-hand thoughts on Digest P3:

“At ONM energy, we believe there’s always room for improvement and optimising AD facilities is our speciality. We have the technical, on-the-ground knowledge of handling the specialist challenges that digesters often throw up. We’ve used Digest P3 on our two most recent contracts; both being food waste AD plants that were struggling with mixer problems creating substantial floating layers inside their digester tanks. We used the product to breakdown the floating layers, allowing the mixers to work efficiently and preventing us from opening the tanks to take more intrusive, and far more costly, maintenance measures. In both cases, Digest P3 ultimately saved us from significantly reducing the plants’ power outputs.

We have since been using the enzyme as a maintenance dose. We are also seeing other benefits too; food waste digester biology is always more temperamental due to the wide variance in feedstocks. This enzyme appears to help buffer the variations, giving us much more stable biology. We’ve also experienced better gas yields per tonne of feedstock input. Our strong operational background allows us to really test and utilise Digest P3, and the results speak for themselves. We’ve been really impressed with the way the product performs, and it’s for that reason we’re delighted to be working with Alltech as their UK distribution partner for the enzyme. We’re pleased to recommend its use to our future customers and share our experience with other AD operators alike.”

Get in touch

Alltech works with each client to develop a plan specific to their own AD plant and goals. Our clients can also benefit from a professional technical support service via our in-house scientists and laboratory facilities.

To learn how you can optimise biogas productivity, discuss practical application and order Digest P3, contact us on 01780 764512

Alternatively, contact our distribution partners:


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